sake teachers



At Enshu, our teachers are passionate about sake! So whatever the reason you find yourself as part of our world, whether to discover a new taste and culture, expand your hobby into a business, or to further delight your customers with your expertise, our desire is to help you in every way.

We will share with you our years of knowledge and experience of Nihonshu and Shochu. And as we have, you too will discover how sake can add to the theatre of every stage of the dining experience.

Above all, you will see sake in a new light. Our teachers, Satomi and Oliver met through their mutual fascination and experience with the exquisite Japanese beverage. On their courses, their knowledge and enthusiasm will guide you seamlessly through its history and intricacies.


Satomi Dosseur

Enshu Founder/Teacher

Oliver Hilton-Johnson

Tengu Sake Founder/Co-Teacher

Benefit from Satomi and Oliver’s vast knowledge and enter the popular world of sake!