Kikisake-shi Course


[kikisake-shi] course

Our love for Japanese culture continues to increase.

Over the last ten years, there has been an explosion in Japanese culture and cuisine. From healthy lunches or nights out, to exhibitions, imports and technology — as a nation we can’t seem to get enough of Japan.

You can be a part of this incredible uplift in the love for Japanese culture and train to become a Kikisake-shi — an essential advisor and curator to the ever-increasing number of sake consumers and enthusiasts.

Why enrol?

Our International Kikisake-shi course is available, and indeed suitable, for enthusiasts, amateurs, professionals, and wine sommeliers.

By taking this course, we will professionally equip you with the knowledge that enables you to advise sake to customers around the world. And, of course, the ability to speak Japanese is not essential!

The course

Our courses run up to four times each year and are in a classroom environment.

To provide the best learning conditions, and individual attention to each student, we limit places to twenty on each course.

A final exam will follow three sessions of learning and tutoring.

Group and corporate packages

By popular demand, we are delighted to introduce our corporate package. It allows us to bring the classroom to your place of work, to suit the needs of your business.

By booking the course exclusively (with a minimum of twenty students), we can complete the curriculum over a period that is most suitable for you, whether this is days, weeks or months.

Whichever timeframe you choose, our teaching standards are the highest-quality, and we will adapt to meet your requirements. This course can also be an excellent team building activity, bringing the whole team together with a shared knowledge of sake and Japanese culture.

Did you know?

Kikisake-shi is the Japanese name for a Sake Sommelier.

Our course allows you entry into a new and exciting world of Japanese culture and sake. In addition to gaining a whole world of expertise in the sake field, impress your friends and colleagues with your knowledge by joining us for a sake adventure now!