What is the Sake Service Institute?


founded in Japan, 1990

The Sake Service Institute (SSI) was set up in Tokyo, in November 1990. Its aim was to educate and provide an international standard to establish sake as a globally recognised product. The SSI is a non-profit organisation that, through partnerships, offers the Kikisake-shi course. This course is available in various countries outside Japan, including China, Korea, Taiwan, the UK, and the US.

For over 25 years, the SSI has been providing the Kikisake-shi course, Shochu advisor and higher certificate in sake and Shochu education course. Enshu is the only UK accredited SSI course.

The number of certified Kikisake-shi courses has risen yearly. Increasing awareness of Japanese culture and the popularity of the country’s cuisine and ingredients drives this surge in interest. The fascination of using sake as an accompaniment also contributes to the love of sake.

Latest statistics show the SSI has accredited 24,692 Kikisake-shi and 6,311 Shochu advisors. Additionally, they have awarded 460 higher certificates in sake and Shochu education.

harvesting a love for sake

Before the peak in its popularity, sake was referred to as ‘rice wine’ by those who knew its Japanese heritage. Little else was known.

The term ‘rice wine’ is now no longer widely used. Instead, it has reverted to its authentic name of sake or nihonshu. Subjectively, this is in part due to the work of the SSI, along with the growing love of Japanese food and its traditional accompanying beverage.

Sommeliers and chefs around the world are now introducing nihonshu on their menus, as many more of their customers wish to experience this fabulous wine.

With demand for Japan’s national alcoholic beverage increasing and its market and potential for growth developing, the SSI continues to educate and expand the accessibility of Japanese sake.

why SSI

The SSI has seen a rise in the popularity and demand for sake in the UK and the potential this creates for restaurants and wine outlets. Its market and opportunity for growth are continuing to develop. You and your business can be a part of this ongoing sake story.

Enshu is the only company authorised by the SSI to conduct its course on their behalf in the UK. Once students successfully pass the exam, they receive a fully recognised SSI certification. This accolade is relevant and available for use around the globe.

Enshu, partnered with SSI, is the perfect choice to enhance your knowledge of sake. We offer flexibility with lessons taking place at a location and time of your choice.

Whether you’re a group of enthusiasts wishing to learn more, or a business enterprise looking to demonstrate your expertise, we will help achieve your goals.

ssi provides:

  • Unmatched knowledge and expertise
  • Over 30 years of experience

  • Full understanding of the culture behind sake supported by research studies
  • Exquisite food pairings
  • High-quality service based on sake tradition and culture
  • Satisfaction through service that suits each individual or business’s tastes and needs

“Vision without action is a daydream
Action without vision is a nightmare”

Japanese Proverb