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The origins of sushi are from the streets. It was a dish that has, like most food from humble beginnings, been tweaked to take its place in the best restaurants and at many high street ‘takeaway lunch’ providers!

Modern sushi — raw fish served on vinegared rice — began in Tokyo in 1824. The story goes that stall owner, Yohei Hanaya, placated impatient customers, who didn’t want to wait around, by shaping the vinegared rice with his hands and topping it with a slice of raw fish. In doing so, and ditching the traditional takeaway box, the sushi we know today was inadvertently created.

Our love of Japanese cuisine in the western world continues to grow, with an abundance of specialised restaurants opening in large cities around the globe. With the growth of its cuisine, Japan’s traditional rice-based alcohol has also risen in popularity.

Be a part of this continuing trend and join us on a Kikisake-shi course in 2022

Course content

Each session comprises three lessons and a final exam. Students will gain a comprehensive education in:

  • Sake history stories and culture
  • Theoretical concepts behind sake including ingredients, production and classification
  • Gain hands-on experience through the practical tasting of many types and styles of sake
  • Sake labels and how to serve sake

Our London based sake courses run up to four times each year. They are classroom-based to provide proactive and effective learning conditions. Our course teachers, Satomi and Oliver, are both informative and engaging, providing an exhilarating learning experience that will enhance your chosen career.

We limit our courses to 15 students, as our experience suggests that this is the ideal number to get the most out of your sake experience and for the most effective sharing and learning environment.

Group and corporate packages

We can now offer a corporate package, which allows us to bring our popular courses to you. This will enable you to plan the needs of your business more effectively while your team are studying together. What better way to ensure your team grow their knowledge and learn the know-how than together!

Our corporate package would also be ideal for a productive team building activity, regardless of which area your business operates in – construction to catering, fashion to law — and everything in between!

By booking the course exclusively for your business, we can complete the curriculum within a time frame that suits your business. Whether that’s days, weeks or months – you decide. Our high standards of teaching are maintained throughout the course, whatever the location or duration.

course fees

2024 Course fee £800.00

This fee covers:

  • Three classroom-based classes
  • SSI International’s official textbook
  • Additional study material and tasting instructions
  • Tasting glasses
  • Examination fee
  • Registration fee
  • Certificate and Kikisake-shi badge
  • Various types of sake to taste

Important note: We require the full amount payable for each student before the start of the course.

If there are any issues attending an exam, you need to let Enshu know at least three days in advance to avoid paying the full exam fee.

If a student does not pass the exam, a resit can take place for an exam fee of £180.00. 
The SSI runs the international Kikisake-shi competition every four years. The next competition will take place in 2023. If you hold a certificate with SSI, you can enter the competition. If you are successful, the SSI will invite you to Japan for the final contest, competing with other candidates from all over the world.



[omedeto gozaimasu]

Once you pass the exam, Enshu or SSI will get back to you with the result. If you pass, you will receive certificates and badges. You will then receive your certificate and badge from SSI to wear or display with pride.

Please contact us if you have any further enquiries or would like an application form.